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Western loop; Itinerary from December to April

Ceylon trails itinerary is for active traveling. Takes you to a new destination almost everyday! But you don’t drive more than few hours in any day. This itinerary is very convenient, it keeps you off the car mostly even though you travel everyday! You might not need luxurious hotels as you will keep Travelling throughout the 10 days. December to April is mostly the dry season in Sri Lanka, that’s when this itinerary is most practical.

Send us your inquiry and tell us your travel dates with your preferences. We will create the ideal itinerary for you in line with the present conditions of the Island. You can Check-out the price breakdown to get a very clear idea of the costs involved (Last updated on 17/04/2024)

10 days / 9 nights



(On double sharing basis)

(Last updated on 17/04/2024)


Negombo beach by your hotel is wide and clean, it’s ideal for a sundown walk. 

-20 minutes drive from the airport

Enjoy your breakfast by the beach and set off to visit Dambulla cave temples. These ancient caves were always taken care of by the Kings. The charm of these artistic caves will energize you. 

-1.5 hours visit, 2.5 hours drive from Negombo

Sigiriya citadel was built 1500 years ago. It is considered a very important ancient urban planning site with various concepts used to interlock the man made geometrical and natural forms of surroundings.

-2 hours visit, 20 minutes drive from Dambulla


Polonnaruwa ancient city comprises, besides the brahmanic monuments built by the Cholas, the monumental ruins of the fabulous garden-city created by Parakramabahu I in the 12th century ~750 years old.

-3 hours visit, 1 hour drive from Sigiriya.

Minneriya national park is a dry season feeding ground for the elephant population dwelling in forests of nearby cities. The park houses endemic monkeys, the purple-faced langur and the toque macaque. Sri Lankan sambar deer, Giant squirrel and Mongoose frequent the park. It is also home to Gray slender loris and many rare birds such as Owls.

-3 Hours safari, 1 hour drive from Polonnaruwa

Visit a spice garden, where smells of cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, nutmeg and mace overwhelm the senses and the visitors are provided an insight into an age old industry of spice production, which attracted many European and Asian merchants to the ports of ancient Sri Lanka.

-1 hour visit,1 hour drive from Sigiriya

The temple of the relic of the tooth of Buddha is considered the main temple in Sri Lanka. The temple. The temple is the main place of Worship for the majority of the local population and therefore it is also a cultural hub. 

-1 hour visit, 1.5 hours drive from the Spice garden

Ramboda waterfall is a refreshing stop on your way to Nuwara Eliya. Waterfalls add to the beauty of the central highlands of Sri Lanka. 

-30 minutes visit, 1.5 hours drive from Kandy

Ceylon tea is famous around the world. It is your opportunity to visit a conveniently located tea factory along your route and to taste a refreshing cup of tea at the source.  

-45 minutes visit, 30 minutes drive from Kandy

The railway line between Nuwara Eliya and Ella town is particularly beautiful as it runs through all natural terrain and it’s a refreshing local experience for the tourists who are on an exclusive private round trip. 

-3 hours train journey

Little Adams Peak is a  short hike with a very big reward, boasting spectacular views of the surrounding mountains in the ‘hill country’ region and an easy hike anyone can enjoy.

-1 hour hiking


Buduruwagala is an ancient Bhudist site dating back to the 10th Century with one of the highest Bhuddha statue carvings on a natural granite – 950 years old. 

-45 minutes visit, 1 hour drive from Ella

Yala national park has one of the highest leopard densities in the world. Yala harbors the threatened Sri Lankan sloth bear, the fishing cat and the wild water buffalo among the endemic species including Toque macaque, golden palm civet and red slender loris. 

-3 hours safari, 1.5 hours drive from Buduruwagala

Mirissa is the largest fishing port on the south coast and is known for its tuna, mullet, snapper, and butterfish. The bay is popular among tourists for its pristine beach and the clear ocean that harbors the big whales.

-2 hours drive from Yala.

You can consider doing a Whale watching boat tour on this day or just enjoy the beach. Parrot rock (Rock in the shallow waters with many birds) and Coconut tree hill (Photo location) are popular beach locations among tourists.

Galle fort is a 17th Century Dutch fort. It is the best example of a fortified city built by Europeans in South and South-East Asia.

-1 hour walking visit, 1 hour drive from Mirissa.

Out of the seven living sea turtle species recorded in the world, five species are found in the ocean and coast around Sri Lanka and the Southern beaches  are nests for the egg-laying turtles. The hatcheries are voluntary projects run by different organizations to safeguard the eggs and release the turtles back to the ocean. 

-1 hour visit, 1 hour drive from Galle. 2 more hours drive to BIA form the Turtle hatchery.

You can make a direct bank transfer to our official bank account 31 days prior to the date of arrival. Payment receipts will be emailed to you upon bank confirmation of the receipt of funds.

Transfer changes shall be borne by the payer and the amount received at the bank as per the remittance note will be accepted as the payment.

We can consider accepting on arrival cash payments for transport services on special request of the guests.

Once you have selected the itinerary you like or simply without an idea, send us your inquiry using the inquiry form.

We will help you to customize the itinerary to suit your ideas and budget. Then we will do a final budget and share with you.

We will then create a service level agreement (SLA) with all details precisely mentioned including the cancellation policy. Both parties will digitally sign the SLA and the procedure will be complete.

This private tour includes accommodation as detailed in the price breakdown, private vehicle and English-speaking driver with industry experience, guiding in historical sites, clock round back office service, toll payments and parking and vehicle entrance tickets to any site.

This private tour does not include guests’ entrance tickets to the sites, third party vehicles (safari jeeps, taxi, train, etc…) and additional visits not agreed on the contract, driving after 06.00 PM unless specified on the agreement, mileage above the quoted mileage from airport to airport and tip to the chauffeur guide or the driver, which is traditionally payable.

The vehicle can only take you up to the last possible point in case your hotels are located in difficult terrain.

The quoted price is subject to the availability of the given hotels and any rate changes due to change of applicable taxes.


This itinerary is customizable according to your tastes and dates.

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The weather in Sri Lanka is based on the two rainy seasons; Yala (Little rain) season and Maha (Big rain) season. Over the years, these seasons are known to have arrived early or run late but the good thing is these seasons have sunny and bright hours, days and weeks in-between.

From December until April, Monsoon winds do not blow. And in July & August.

The South-Western Monsson (Yala) will blow from May to June and will tail off in July-August. Colombo and the South seas (Mirissa, Galle…) will be rough during this time. This is the time to visit the Eastern beaches of Sri Lanka (Nilaveli, Trincomalee). The cultural areas and the Central highlands are still great to visit!

The North-Eastern Monsoon (Maha) will blow from September to November and will tail off in December. This season brings a lot of rain to all parts of the island but luckily The sunny and bright hours, days and weeks in-between is common to this season too. Land slides, train breaks and floods are quite common during September, October and November and quite likely in the first half of December if the tail end of the Monsoon blows stronger!

Maha is the season of best deals, so it’s still great to consider for that kind of a holiday!