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Do this Tuk tuk city tour with a guide speaking little English yet perfectly understandable gestures language! Enjoy this fun-full localized experience while visiting many iconic places in Negombo.

DURATION; 4.00 Hours (Booking window 8.00 AM to 3.00 PM daily)

Private Day Excursion


(Minimum 2 PAX)




You will start off with a 30 minute site seeing drive just out side the city. You will drive along different neighborhoods. You’ll pass the Negombo Grand mosque and two Buddhist temples along this drive. Pass Negombo administrative area before entering the main street. The main street is where people do their day to day shopping. At the end of the main street is Negombo town.

Your first stop will be in the middle of the town and there your guide will take you on a 30 minutes walk through different markets in the town including the daily fair and the fruits & Vegetables market.

You will then drive to the sea street along the Dutch canal. You will be able to picture the elegance of some of the iconic Roman catholic churches in this stretch up to the old Negombo Fort area.

Also you will drive through the Tamil neighborhood in Negombo along this stretch. There are Hindu Kovils and the street is full of Tamil cultural features such as the Aluminum kitchen ware stores and flower stalls. A coconut is sure to heal your thirst on this stretch.

Negombo was a major trading fort during the colonial times, your next stretch is through some of the colonial houses in the old fort area up to the old Negombo Dutch fort which is in a corner where small boat fishing happens. You will do a short walk around this area exploring the dry fish industry and the central fish market. If its the morning tour, then you’ll cool off with a coconut!

Your next stretch is from Kothalawala bridge to the fishermen’s church (Our lady of good voyage church) in Duwa village by the Indian ocean. You will make stops to observe and photograph lagoon based fishing activities including rod fishing at the Pitipana bridge. You will also pass multi day fishing boat yards and Lellama (A major fish trading port)

Later, you will cross over to the other side of Negombo where you will find the sandy golden beaches. You will visit Negombo beach park with your guide. If it’s the evening slot, then you’ll stop for street hoppers on the way back.


Do this Tuk tuk city tour with a guide speaking little English yet perfectly understandable gestures language! Enjoy this fun-full localized experience while visiting many iconic places in Negombo.


You can decide if you want to add or remove any visits or activities from this tour. You can decide this on the tour.

Simply send us an inquiry or write an email. You can also whatsapp us on 0094777449844. Be sure to book at least on the previous day. You can book this tour every day for the next day.

You can make a direct bank transfer or we can consider accepting cash payments depending on the situation. You can buy entrance tickets from the counters and pay for activities to the suppliers directly.

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The weather in Sri Lanka is based on the two rainy seasons; Yala (Little rain) season and Maha (Big rain) season. Over the years, these seasons are known to have arrived early or run late but the good thing is these seasons have sunny and bright hours, days and weeks in-between.

From December until April, Monsoon winds do not blow. And in July & August.

The South-Western Monsson (Yala) will blow from May to June and will tail off in July-August. Colombo and the South seas (Mirissa, Galle…) will be rough during this time. This is the time to visit the Eastern beaches of Sri Lanka (Nilaveli, Trincomalee). The cultural areas and the Central highlands are still great to visit!

The North-Eastern Monsoon (Maha) will blow from September to November and will tail off in December. This season brings a lot of rain to all parts of the island but luckily The sunny and bright hours, days and weeks in-between is common to this season too. Land slides, train breaks and floods are quite common during September, October and November and quite likely in the first half of December if the tail end of the Monsoon blows stronger!

Maha is the season of best deals, so it’s still great to consider for that kind of a holiday!