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Trincomalee / Nilaveli



Trincomalee is a port city on the northeast coast of Sri Lanka. Set on a peninsula, Fort Frederick was built by the Portuguese in the 17th century. Within its grounds, the grand Koneswaram Temple stands on Swami Rock cliff, a popular vantage point for blue-whale watching. The holy complex contains ornate shrines and a massive statue of Shiva. Nearby Gokanna Temple has panoramic views over the city and the coastline.

The white sands and blue waters make the East coast stand out as a beach destination. The area hosts beach resorts and restaurants making the beach days vibrant and vivid for the curious traveller.


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Partner hotels in Trincomalee / Nilaveli

  • Trinco Blue

Negombo hotel
  • Pigeon Island Beach Hotel

Negombo hotel
  • Maalu Maalu

Negombo hotel
  • Amaya Beach

Negombo hotel



Trincomalee Harbor

Trincomalee harbor is one of the finest deep water natural harbors of the world. The inner harbor is landlocked, with a safe anchorage and deep water close to the principal wharves; the outer harbor has an area of about 4 sq. m. with a depth of about 70 fathoms.

The hot springs at Kanniyai

The seven hot springs at Kanniyai are just 8km away and known for their therapeutic properties. A high wall bounds the rectangular enclosure which includes all seven springs. The water is warm, the temperature of each spring varies from one another.

Nilaveli Beach

The most popular attraction in Trincomalee. Situated about 10Km from the Trincomalee town it is one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world. If you manage to visit when the sea is calm you can see the clear blue water and it’s a breathtaking site. There are many hotels and resorts near the beach for you to enjoy some delicious sea food. If you manage to get up early you view a breathtaking sunrise. A must visit place in Trincomalee.

Pigeon Island National Park

Located 1Km off the cost of Nilaveli a coastal town in Trincomalee, Pigeon Island, is one of the few marine national parks in the world and surely the most attractive marine national park. Pigeon Island is also a well known birds’ sanctuary. The island is colonized by a large number of rock pigeons and hence it is called as the “Pigeon island”. A small boat ride will let you to this awesome piece of nature’s creations. The sun, sea, beach, corals, singing birds and the sea breeze will give you an experience of a life time.