Project Description

Traditional catamaran fishing trip. Experience the thrill of being in the open ocean as the crew demonstrate their fishing skills, all whilst enjoying nature in harmony.

DURATION; 3.30 Hours (Starting @ 5.30 AM)

Private Day Excursion


(Minimum 2 PAX)




We will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the harbour. Here you will meet the 4 man crew of the Traditional wind sailing catamaran. You are sure to be welcomed by the boat crew with the friendliness and warmth that Sri Lanka is famous for.

-20 Minutes drive 

Once on board the traditional wind sail boat (you can bring a small bag and a camera), the fishermen will launch the traditional catamaran in the blue lagoon and out to the open ocean. Whether you are an experienced sailor or it is your first time on a boat, watching the team launch the huge traditional sails is a sight to behold. Knowing that this traditional method has been used, unchanged, only adds to this authentic experience.

Your tour guide will explain the actions of the crew as they work in harmony and synchronization to control the sails against the wind. With only traditional ropes and sails, the team will skillfully negotiate the navigation of the boat in the open ocean.

When the friendly and experienced crew are happy with the ocean position you will experience the traditional art of net fishing. Trawling for the delicious prawns that the area is famous for is a wonderful opportunity to witness a traditional skill that has been unchanged by modern technology.

There will be opportunity to enjoy snacks and drinks on the boat.

You will get to enjoy the local sea bird life as after pulling in the catch, the fishermen will return unwanted fish to the ocean…this activity allows you to enjoy close up views of the beautiful sea birds we are lucky enough to enjoy in the area.

On the return to the lagoon you will enjoy witnessing the fishing activities of this picturesque area.


Traditional catamaran fishing trip. Experience the thrill of being in the open ocean as the crew demonstrate their fishing skills, all whilst enjoying nature in harmony.


You can decide if you want to add or remove any visits or activities from this tour. You can decide this on the tour.

Simply send us an inquiry or write an email. You can also whatsapp us on 0094777449844. Be sure to book at least on the previous day. You can book this tour every day for the next day. We recommend 5.30 AM to start the tour.

You can make a direct bank transfer or we can consider accepting cash payments depending on the situation.

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The weather in Sri Lanka is based on the two rainy seasons; Yala (Little rain) season and Maha (Big rain) season. Over the years, these seasons are known to have arrived early or run late but the good thing is these seasons have sunny and bright hours, days and weeks in-between.

From December until April, Monsoon winds do not blow. And in July & August.

The South-Western Monsson (Yala) will blow from May to June and will tail off in July-August. Colombo and the South seas (Mirissa, Galle…) will be rough during this time. This is the time to visit the Eastern beaches of Sri Lanka (Nilaveli, Trincomalee). The cultural areas and the Central highlands are still great to visit!

The North-Eastern Monsoon (Maha) will blow from September to November and will tail off in December. This season brings a lot of rain to all parts of the island but luckily The sunny and bright hours, days and weeks in-between is common to this season too. Land slides, train breaks and floods are quite common during September, October and November and quite likely in the first half of December if the tail end of the Monsoon blows stronger!

Maha is the season of best deals, so it’s still great to consider for that kind of a holiday!