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Kandy is the most central location of a round tour in Sri Lanka. Usually the last destination of the cultural tour and the starting point of the scenic routes running across the tea fields and hilly forest. Kandy offers the traveller a very comfortable stay. Kandy has many dining options and resorts of all categories to suit your requirement. City hotels are the most popular in Kandy as the travelers love to walk around Kandy while their stay.


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  • Amamya Hills

Negombo hotel
  • Cinnamon Citadel

Negombo hotel
  • Hotel Suisse

Negombo hotel
  • Villa 69

Negombo hotel



According to records, the city of Kandy, then known as Senkadagalapura, was initially founded in the Central province, north of the present city in the Wattapuluwa area in the mid 14th century during the reign of Vickramabaghu III in Gampola.  The city not only had ample natural defenses in the form of rocky hills and dense jungle, but also weather conditions and insects that were repellant to attackers. The city continued under the rule of Kotte until the arrival of the Portuguese and during which the Kotte rule weakened, and the region became autonomous with Senkadagalapura as its capital. However the true rise of Kandy as a kingdom was during the 16th century, when with the patricide of the Kotte king Vijayabaghu in 1521, the Kotte kingdom split into three competing states; Sitawaka, Raigam and the original Kotte, leaving the autonomous Kandy as the stronger kingdom.

Kandy is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famed for its dark and bloody history, which contrasts with the calm peaceful shades of Buddhism which is the dominant religion of the area. With its vibrant city, architecturally beautiful pagodas of the Temple of the Tooth, historic ruins, abundant nature, and fine climate, Kandy is great place to visit when in Sri Lanka.