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Enjoy the goodness of the local culture and the freshness of the tropical weather as a tourist in Sri Lanka with dedicated transport, awesome hotels, buffet dinners and lovely people! Expect 12 different days full of excitement and joy! You will spend the 11 nights in 8 wonderful places around the island! You will have exciting places to visit between the transfers and hear interesting stories from the history and about the local culture on the drive!

Tour summary; You will be transferred to your hotel in Negombo (20 minutes) soon after the arrival. You’ll enjoy the colors of Negombo sea street this evening. Next day you’ll drive 2.5 hours to visit Dambulla cave temple and 30 minutes more to arrive in your resort in Sigiriya. You’ll have an early breakfast and climb Sigiriya on the next day and drive 1 hour to visit Polonnaruwa. You’ll enjoy an authentic lunch in Polonnaruwa and return to your resort in Sigiriya. On the next day you’ll drive 2.5 hours to Kandy. You’ll visit a spice demonstration garden, attend a cultural show in Kandy and visit the temple of temple of tooth relic. Next day you’ll drive 3 hours to Nuwara Eliya. You’ll visit Ramboda waterfall and a tea processing center on the way. You’ll wake up very early on the next day to do the World’s end trekking in Horton plains National Park. You’ll explore Nuwara Eliya, the little England later on this day. Next day you’ll take a scenic train ride of 3 hours to arrive in Ella and explore the beautiful city. You’ll climb little Adam’s peak and trek down to Demodara railway bridge. Next day morning you’ll drive 1 hour to visit Buduruwagala ancient temple and drive 1.5 hours more to arrive in Tissamaharama to do an exciting safari game drive in Yala National Park. A 2-3 hours drive would take you to your preferred beach resort for the next two nights. You’ll have all the joy of the tropical beaches in these two days. After the beach stay, you’ll drive 2.5 hours to visit/feel Colombo, the capital city. On the next day your airport transfer would be approximately 1 hour from the city hotel.

12 days / 11 nights



(Double sharing basis)


​ We will receive you at the airport and ensure a warm and easy transfer to your private vehicle. Our staff will assit you to get the data connections and money exchanged without any hassle. When you’re ready you will be driven to your beach hotel in Negombo, the drive will be about 20 minutes and without any traffic. You will have an awesome environment at the hotel to relax and get rid of the jetlag. Negombo has colorful streets in the night and a sandy beach with pubs of all kinds on the beach and by the road! Be sure to arrive back in the hotel to enjoy the delicious dinner buffet.

Enjoy your breakfast buffet in the hotel and start your once in a life time 11 days continues round tour full of fun and excitement! You will first drive 2.5 hours to the interior to discover the astonishing UNESCO world heritage Rangiri Dambulla Cave Temple. Then you will climb Dambulla rock  (20-30 minutes) to arrive at the ancient caves on top.  This has been a sacred pilgrimage site for 22 centuries, this cave monastery, with its five sanctuaries, is the largest, best-preserved cave-temple complex in Sri Lanka. The Buddhist mural paintings (covering an area of 2,100 m2 ) are of particular importance, as are the 157 statues. Your destination for this night is Sigiriya village, it’s further 30 minutes into the interior. Sigiriya is an agricultural area where now a part of their culture has become hospitality as they host the travelers who come to visit the UNESCO world heritage ancient city of Sigiriya. You will relax and enjoy the nature resort this evening until its time to enjoy the delicious dinner buffet.


Enjoy your delicious breakfast buffet and set off to discover the astonishing UNESCO world heritage, Ancient city of  Sigiriya! You will drive about 10 minutes to the entrance point and start the climb of about 45 minutes to the top. Your guide will tell you the exiting story of Sigiriya kingdom while walking you through the gardens to the palace on top. The ruins of the capital built by the parricidal King Kassapa I (477–95) lie on the steep slopes and at the summit of a granite peak standing some 180m high (the ‘Lion’s Rock’, which dominates the jungle from all sides). A series of galleries and staircases emerging from the mouth of a gigantic lion constructed of bricks and plaster provide access to the site. The next exciting thing you will do on this day is enjoying lunch at an awesome restaurant by a paddy field. For that you will drive 1 hour further to the interior and stop in Polonnaruwa village. Then you’ll move on to discover the UNESCO world heritage Polonnaruwa ancient city. Polonnaruwa was the second capital of Sri Lanka after the destruction of Anuradhapura in 993. It comprises, besides the Brahmanic monuments built by the Cholas, the monumental ruins of the fabulous garden-city created by Parakramabahu I in the 12th century. Then you will drive back to your resort in Sigiriya to relax and enjoy the dinner buffet.

Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel and set off to visit the UNESCO world heritage Sacred City of Kandy. The journey will  take approximately 3 hours. This sacred Buddhist site, popularly known as the city of Senkadagalapura, was the last capital of the Sinhala kings whose patronage enabled the Dinahala culture to flourish for more than 2,500 years until the occupation of Sri Lanka by the British in 1815. It is also the site of the Temple of the Tooth Relic (the sacred tooth of the Buddha), which is a famous pilgrimage site. On the way to Kandy, you will stop at a refreshment point organized by the spice industry of Ceylon. There you will also be given a tour of a spice garden with explanations. In Kandy, you will have the opportunity to attend a cultural dance show (Starts at 5.30 PM) and soon after you will visit the temple of tooth relic. This would be the ritual time (6.30 PM to 8.00 PM) of the temple and it is the best time to observe the local Buddhist culture and be a part of it momentarily. At the end of the visits, you will check in to your hotel, relax and enjoy a fabulous dinner buffet as always!

​Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel and set off to discover the little England of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya! It is a scenic road trip of approximately 3 hours. Your first stop will be at Ramboda waterfall. You will be able to reach all the way to the bottom of the waterfall through Ramboada falls hotel.Your next stop would be at a tea factory. The factories in this route are traveler friendly and have organized tea production and tasting demonstrations to the travelers who visit. You can refresh your selves there and enjoy a cup of home made tea. Then you will proceed to Nuwara Eliya city. Nuwara Eliya is much loved by Britain’s early day settlers and tea planters, who enjoyed its rolling hills, conifer forests and cool climate. Nuwara Eliya is set against beautiful backdrops of Mountains, Valleys, Waterfalls and Tea Plantations. Your first You will visit a tea plantation on your way to Nuwara Eliya and discover the tea culture. You will enjoy a delicious cup of tea in the cool climate at the tea production center. Later you will check-in to your hotel and relax. It’s also a good idea to make a walk in the neighborhood or to enjoy a warm cup of coffee in the garden. A delicious dinner will be prepared for you in the night.

You will wake up early on this day to do the Hortain Plains National Park trekking. Horton Plains was first introduced as Maha Eliya and this is the highest plain in Sri Lanka and is a 9-10 Km round trekking path. The UNESCO world heritage Central Highlands of Sri Lanka comprises the Peak Wilderness Protected Area, the Horton Plains National Park and the Knuckles Conservation Forest. These montane forests, where the land rises to 2,500 meters above sea-level, are home to an extraordinary range of flora and fauna, including several endangered species such as the western-purple-faced langur, the Horton Plains slender loris and the Sri Lankan leopard. The region is considered a super biodiversity hotspot. You will get back to the city before noon. You can explore Nuwara Eliya on this day. You can enjoy a city walk in the evening and the temperature would be just perfect for a walk (18-20 C), there are local markets, some authentic pubs, a golf ground and some interesting colonial buildings. High tea at Grand hotel in Nuwara Eliya is something a lot of travelers enjoy! A warm dinner will await you at the hotel as always!

Enjoy your breakfast in the hotel and set off to visit Ella village by train. The total train journey from Nuwara Eliya to Ella takes around 3.5 to 4 hours. By comparison, it takes around 1.5 hours by car. The train crosses over many mountain ranges. It also gives you a chance to soak in the mystic vibes, and cherish the beauty of slow travel. In Ella, you will climb little Adam’s peak and enjoy the stunning views and walks.

Enjoy your breakfast in the hotel and set off to visit visit Buduruwagala ancient temple and Yala National Park. Buduruwagala temple consists of statues that date back to the 10th century. There is a also a carved shape of a flame. The inside wall of this carved shape is always wet of an oil that smells very much like Mustard oil. There is no explanation to this Phenomenon. Afterwards you will continue the journey to start a an evening game drive in Yala National Park. Yala National Park is located to the southeast of the island and is recognized as one of the best parks in the world to photograph leopards. The park covers an area of over 100,000 hectares and its main physical features are sand dunes, lagoons, dry river/stream beds, rocky out drops and scrub/thorn forest. There is also a substantial elephant population along with spotted deer, sambar, wild buffalo, sloth bear, jackal, mongoose, pangolins and crocodiles. You will come out of the national park around 6.00 PM and go to your hotel to relax and enjoy your delicious dinner.

Enjoy your breakfast in the hotel and set off to your preferred beach resort in the South of Sri Lanka.  Expect a calm and blue sea from November to March! Your beach resort will serve delicious meals and awesome beach cocktails throughout your stay and/or you can find restaurants and bars of all kinds along the coast line!

Enjoy your beach stay. Be it windsurfing, kayaking, yachting, water skiing, scuba diving or just lazing around for the perfect tan! Sri Lanka offers it all!

Enjoy your breakfast in the hotel and set off to Colombo. Colombo is the capital city of Sri Lanka a convenient location to reach the airport. With its large natural harbour and crops of tropical plants and spices, the city has always been an attractive post for traders. Today is a great spot in this part of the world for shopping, leisure and business. There are state of the art shopping malls and fantastic restaurants for wine and dine in Colombo. A lot of locals commute to Colombo for work and therefore it showcases a part of life in Sri Lanka. The Old Colombo Dutch Hospital which considered to be the oldest building in the Colombo Fort area dating back to the Dutch colonial era is now a heritage building and a dining precinct. It is a popular spot among those who commute to Colombo for work and a good place to find a nice local pub in Colombo.

Departure transfer (1 hour drive to the airport from your hotel in Colombo)

Glamourous island round tour is a completely private and luxurious Sri Lanka experience! Expect 13 days of total excitement during this tour! Enjoy the goodness of the local culture and the freshness of the tropical weather as a tourist in Sri Lanka with dedicated transport, awesome hotels, buffet dinners and lovely people!

Send us an inquiry through the website or email us directly. We will discuss the requirements and sign a service level agreement (SLA) with all details precisely mentioned including the cancellation policy.

By direct bank transfer 31 days prior to the date of arrival. Payment receipts will be emailed to you upon bank confirmation of the receipt of funds.

Amount received at our bank will be accepted as the payment amount.

Pay by cash on arrival (USD/EUR/GBP/JPY) for transport service – On approval.

Date  Visits Hotel Meal plan
Day 1 Arrival / NegomboGoldi SandsHB
Day 2 Negombo / Dambulla / SigiriyaCamellia resortHB
Day 3Sigiriya / PolonnaruwaCamellia resortHB
Day 4 Sigiriya / KandyHotel SuisseHB
Day 5 Kandy / Nuwara EliyaHill ClubHB
Day 6 Nuwara Eliya / Hortain Plains / Nuwara EliyaHill ClubHB
Day 7 Nuwara Eliya / Ella98 AcresBB
Day 8 Ella / Tissamaharama (Yala)Ekho Safari TissaHB
Day 9 Tissamaharama / MirissaParadise beach clubHB
Day 10MirissaParadise beach clubHB
Day 11MirissaParadise beach clubHB
Day 12 ColomboMarino Beach
Day 13Colombo / Airport (60 minutes to the airport)
Included: Hotel accommodation on HB, double sharing basis per couple (two PAX), Private transport

Not included: Activity costs, Entrance tickets, Tips, any other expenses

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