Beneath the waters of the Indian Ocean lies a separate world of tropical fish, coloured coral and mysterious shipwrecks. The southern and eastern coasts of Sri Lanka are especially popular as they provide breathtaking underwater tours for all those who want to grab a slice of Sri Lanka under the sea.

Come and participate in your own little underwater voyage. For diving and snorkeling in the waters of Sri Lanka is for both the amateur as well as seasoned enthusiasts.

Sri Lanka has been named the ‘Best place in the World for seeing and photographing Blue Whales’ as well as being an ideal place to see Sperm whales and Spinner dolphins. From December to April the  calm seas of the southern coast of the island also see an influx of Sperm Whales and Spinner Dolphins. In the Mammal kingdom both Sperm and Blue whales are record holders. The Blue Whale is the largest mammal and perhaps even the largest animal to have ever inhabited the earth. Likewise the Sperm Whale is also the largest of the toothed whales and also the deepest diving mammal.