​​​​A Sri Lankan coastal city famous for golden beaches, Bentota is situated on the southern coastal tip of the Galle District of the Southern Province . The town is a popular tourist attraction. It is especially famous among the foreign tourists. The name comes from a mythical story which dates back to kings time saying a demon called Bem ruled this river ( tota = river bank. Bentota hosts a handful of world proclaimed hotels. It is the hosting land for the famous Sri Lankan Jeweler Aida. Bentota also delivers an ancient art of healing called Ayurveda . Bentota is also famous for its production in Toddy. An alcoholic beverage made out of cocunut nectar. The city’s population is estimated to be between 25,000-50,000.

Diving at Bentota Beach

The waters are usually delightfully warm; a range of scuba diving and snorkeling stores in the vicinity, the majority operated by industry certified professionals holding the PADI certification provide equipment, assistance and guidance to the diving enthusiasts. Bentota is a true dream destination for the die-hard divers.

Bentota’s principal dive site is Canoe Rock, where you will find sandy areas as well as sections with coral formations. Divers have the option of diving from a boat or straight from the shore, with the former being more popular and perhaps more exciting. A night dive is a good option for the enthusiast who craves adventure. Crucially, the majority of diving operators take supplies of pure oxygen with them to counter the risk of decompression.

Take a short boat trip offshore to dive over the coral reefs, grab a snorkel and mask to paddle your way through tropical fish, or take advantage of the lively breezes on the west coast from December to March to windsurf. If speed is one of those cravings of yours, then Bentota offers jet ski and water-ski oppotunities on the lagoon.