An ancient system of medicine that is more than 5000 years old has now evolved in to a discipline of holistic medicine as Sri Lanka Ayurveda. 

The name says it all. “Ayur” is Life, and “Veda “is Science. The ancient Life Science that is practiced in Sri Lanka is an amalgam of both Ancient Indian and Sri Lankan traditions perfected by Sages and Rishis with insight gained by observation, experiments and learning over the last five millennia. 

Ayurvedic therapeutic care is offered in many Sri Lanka Beach Resorts and Sri Lanka luxury hotels. 

It is a non invasive system of medicine focused on prevention and rejuvenation. A wholesome interaction with nature and the environment lengthens the life span of those who follow Ayurvedic advice.

Preventive and curative care is the purpose of medicine. Aurveda offers more. Sri Lanka Ayurveda offers therapeutic care for physical, mental, social and spiritual relief. The perfect harmony of this interaction will improve your physical well being. Good health will be the cream on top of the cake you will take home after your travel to Sri Lanka on your Sri Lanka Vacation.